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Clinic Pro Software Online Backup Services

The Clinic Pro Cloud backup service is set up to backup all of the critical ClinicPro Software data automatically on a daily basis. If an office should experience a hard drive failure or other loss of data, restoration of the program and the backed-up data will be handled on a priority support call basis.

Benefits No more lost data, designed to work with ClinicPro specifically, automatic scheduled daily backup (you don't have to be present), HIPPA compliant, back up restored by ClinicPro support staff as a high priority call and will be handled ASAP. If you ever go down, we'll get you up and running quickly.

Cost - $25 one time set up fee
Offices with Unlimited patients in Clinic Pro - $30/month

Requirements you must be current on Clinic Pro support, must have high speed internet connection (will not work on dial up), must have credit card on file with AZ office for monthly billing. If the backup service is cancelled, your office is entitled to last backup performed; it will be sent to you via the internet. Clinic Pro will not store records after service is cancelled.

How do you get started? Pay the setup fee and the first month of service. Our support office will contact you to schedule your installation and setup. You may pay online at: or call 928-203-0854. Installations are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

$25/one-time setup

$30/month recurring charge

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