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ClinicPro Practice Management and EMR Hardware Recommendations:
ClinicPro Software does not sell computer hardware. Quite frankly, some software companies force you to buy hardware from them so they can mark it up considerably. We have a different philosophy; we want you to buy your computer equipment from a local store so that you can get quick and reliable service.

*Note* Clinicpro and the EMR are 32bit programs. It will run on any machine that runs Windows 2014 Server, or Windows 7 or 8 Professional that have at least gigabytes RAM. We recommend 16 gig of RAM if you are buying new machines.

ClinicPro Software does not recommend wireless networking. Due to the inherently slower nature of wireless networks (wireless networks run at least 50% slower than wired networks), expect slower access times from ClinicPro and the EMR on a wireless network. If you chose to implement a wireless network, we recommend you use hardware optimized to give the fastest speeds possible: Please use a minimum standard 802.11g with WPA encryption (802.11n is also recommended for greater security) and a MIMO based router for stronger signal strength. Also placement of the wireless access point in centralized location to minimize distance between itself and the devise. Keep devises such as cordless phones, x-ray equipment, cell phones and even microwaves away from the wireless access point. They can interfere with its broadcast signal strength and quality.
EMR reports within the system require Microsoft Office 2003 or newer. The report engine is designed to hand any requested information to MS Word then is manipulated, reformatted, printed and/or saved and emailed.

Server Recommended Hardware: 
*Note* In regards to ‘Dual Core’ processor technology. ClinicPro is not a SMP (Symmetric Multiprocessing) program. While a ‘Dual Core’ system has the advantage of allowing multiple programs to run at one time, it will not offer any additional advantage when compared to a computer with a faster single processor. In fact; some ‘Dual Core’ systems have a slower base speed than the recommended specifications. Using a computer with a slower processor speed will result in reduced software performance.

Categories: (By number of concurrent workstations)
Small Network: - 2 to 5 systems.
Medium Network: - 5 to 10 systems.
Large Network: - 10 to 20 systems.
*Note* Please contact ClinicPro Support for clarifications on network size, and if you are considering implementing more than 20 computer systems to run the software.

General Hardware Requirements:
250+ GB Hard drive
SVGA/XGA Video capable of ‘1024 by 768’ resolution

Recommended Specs for a Small Network Server (up to 5 computers):
Processor: - 2.8+ GHz P4 or 2.0+ GHz ‘Dual Core’
RAM: - 8.0 gig (400+ MHz FSB)
Network Connectivity: - 100mb Ethernet
Operating System: - Windows 7 or 8 Professional

Recommended Specs for a Medium Network Server (5 to 10 computers):
Processor: - 3.0+ GHz P4/Xeon or 2.6+ GHz ‘Dual Core’
RAM: - 8.0+ gig (400+ MHz FSB)
Network Connectivity: - 100/1000mb Ethernet
Operating System: - Windows 2016 Server,  Windows 7 or 8 Professional

Recommended Specs for a Large Network Server (10+ computers):
Processor: - 3.0+ GHz ‘Dual Core’ Xeon
RAM: - 16.0 gig (400+ MHz FSB)
Network Connectivity: - 100/1000mb Ethernet (recommend Gigabit Ethernet)
Operating System: - Windows 20164 Server Standard Ed.
Printer Recommendation:
HP Laser products are our standard for paper billing and document printing. ClinicPro does have the capability to adjust HCFA print alignment and is compatible with most manufacturer windows based printers.
Recommendations for Internet Access:
ClinicPro now requires internet access for online updating of the program. We highly recommend High Speed Internet Access (Broadband, Cable, DSL, T1, etc...) for the best performance.

Workstation Recommended Hardware:
General Hardware Requirements:
Processor: - 2.8+ GHz P4 or 2.0+ GHz ‘Dual Core’
RAM: 4 gig+
Network Connectivity: - 100mb Ethernet
Operating System: - Windows 7 or 8 Pro
80+ GB Hard drive and SVGA/XGA Video capable of ‘1024 by 768’ resolution.

Tablet PC vs. Touchscreen Monitor:

ClinicPro’s EMR is designed to operate in a touchscreen environment. You can use a mouse, a tablet PC or touchscreen monitor to record your soap notes. The equipment that you decide to use is entirely up to you.
Tablet PCs: Have the advantage of being portable so that you can carry it from room to room. This is a less expensive option than having a touchscreen monitors and a workstation in each room. In addition, many tablet PCs have the capability of recognizing handwriting; if that is the case, you can write your notes on any of the comments boxes within the EMR. This gives you an additional way to record notes that are specific to the patient's condition that do not fit into the template environment. You can also use dictation software such as Dragon Dictate to record and extra detail. The biggest disadvantage of the tablet PC is the fact that it needs to connect to your network via a wireless router. Please see our notes below for details about wireless networking.
There are many good tablet PCs on the market ranging in cost from $1000-$3000. You may want to go to a store and actually "hold and play with" the Tablet PC to see how it feels in your hands. Also note that there are two major types of screen for Tablet PCs. One type allows you to touch the screen (similar to many cell phones) and the other requires you to use an electronic pointer (similar to a pen). And in some cases there are Tablet PCs that utilize both types of hardware. Remember, you will be carrying it from room to room and using it for many hours a day. You may want to check out the following brands: HP, Toshiba, Fujitsu and Dell.

Touchscreen Monitors: These monitors must be hooked to an entire computer system. The monitor itself will cost between $500 and $900. The computer system can be relatively simple as long as it has 2 GBs of RAM.  You can buy Touchscreen monitors alone or overlays that turn a regular monitor into a touchscreen. As for touch screen monitors check out Planar.
Your initial outlay for touchscreen monitors and computer systems in every room will be more expensive than Tablet PCs. On the other hand, the computers can be hardwired into your network and you will not have problems of dropping signals; which will improve performance and reliability. In addition, you will not have to carry anything from room to room. The computer will be waiting for you.
Which is best?  The best configuration depends entirely upon you. For some doctors, portability is very important. Other doctors want large touchscreen monitors where the buttons are extremely easy to locate and push. You will need to review both options and decide which one meets your needs the best.

Disclaimer: Do not buy any version of Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8 HOME editions. They do not properly support networking nor do they support EMR. The EMR uses a back-end SQL Server database; nether home edition supports this type of connection.