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The recommended websites provide innovative ways of dealing with medical emergencies, missing children, home healthcare notes for families that are geographically separated and communities that need a disaster plan.

This innovative software creates an online emergency medical record that can be accessed anywhere in the world. It provides information on medical history, medications, allergies, emergency contacts, insurance coverage. It can even be accessed using a smart phone with QR codes.

Keep My Child Safe - Safe Child Online
Do you want to have the ability the follow-up immediately should your child go missing? This software allows you to track your child's activities and allows the police department to issue an immediate Amber alert.

Care Notes Online
Care notes online is a program designed for home healthcare agencies that want to communicate every day information to family members that are geographically separated from their loved ones.

911 Disaster Plan
911 disaster plan is a community-based disaster plan that identifies vulnerable individuals in the event of an emergency evacuation and track those individuals as they are evacuated.