clinic Pro practice management software makes an excellent choice for chiropractic offices.  

Our Clinic Pro Software Staff
Marilyn Gard is a billing specialist for chiropractic offices.

Marilyn K Gard, MBA, President, CEO

Marilyn Graduated from Michigan State University with a Masters in Business Administration.  She .has experience as a teacher, social worker, nursing home administrator and various other positions. She founded Clinic Pro Software in 1994. Because of her experience in consulting for various offices, conducting insurance seminars, in practice management and office efficiency, she was able to design Clinic Pro Software to maximize patient flow and productivity.  She has been a guest speaker at Palmer College, many state organizations and has contributed articles to Chiropractic Economics, Today's Chiropractic and numerous state newsletters.

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Shane Charles, President, Burning Ice Solutions
Shane is the lead developer for Clinic Pro Practice Management as well as LifeSaverApp, an online emergency medical record. Shane has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Manitoba. When he is not solving problems, Shane spends his time playing with his two children, reading, golfing, or playing board games. He likes travelling to different technical conferences to talk with other developers about the latest trends in technology.

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Tina Payne, Accountant, Support Tech

Tina wears many hats for Clinic Pro Software. She is an accountant for the business and will be the voice you hear if your support account is delinquent. In addition, she served as a support technician especially related to insurance billing questions, 999 or 277 rejections. She has a nice southern drawl; you can't help but recognize her voice! Personal interests include hiking, camping, enjoying the views around Sedona

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Harold Hoover, IT Specialist
Harold's expertise is that of a computer technician. The skills were obtained as a member of the Alaska Air National Guard where, upon completion of the Air Force Communications/Computer Systems Operator course, he worked with communications security, tactical secure data communications, and with aircraft load planning. Prior to that, he worked as a surgical scrub technician with the Army Reserve Medical Corps in Washington State, California, Berlin Germany, and Alaska. In Alaska he took on the additional duty of career counselor/retention NCO.  Various computer related-work was done for St. Luke's hospital, Corporate Express, University of Alaska, Anchorage, Anchorage Food Bank, MicroAge Information Systems, DataFlow Alaska, U.S. Postal Service, Northland Pioneer Community College, Navajo County Library District, Audio Visual Headquarters, and etc. 
Personal interests currently include hiking (pictured) coffee, international relations building, and community sponsored agriculture.

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Dan Rose, Support Technician
Dan brings to ClinicPro an extensive career in the accounting industry encompassing positions ranging from full-charge bookkeeper to corporate staff accountant with specialties in full cycle accounting and reporting, forensic accounting, and data processing. His work with a wide variety of computer systems and software products, as well as, a focus on customer service allows him to assist our customers in getting the most out of their ClinicPro software. Also, Dan's advanced degrees in Accounting & Information Technology adds valuable knowledge and insight to the ClinicPro Software team.