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Clinic Pro Software 30-Day Trial

30-Day trial or new purchase tutorials.  First, download the following installation package: Installation  

Then call Tina at 928-554-1171 to register your trial or purchase.

ClinicPro Software has created tutorials to help new offices get up and running quickly. We suggest that you watch these tutorials and then perform each of the steps in the order below that the video tutorials illustrate.

During the 30-day trial period, you can enter patients, transactions, enter payments and even print HCFA forms. You must purchase the program before we can sign you up for electronic claims submission. That is the only limitation of the 30 day trial. Have fun!

If you would prefer an online demo, click here.

Doctor set up

Insurance companies

Procedures and fees

System defaults

Patient entry

Insurance coverage

Transaction and payment entry

HCFA printing

As part of Clinic Pro software support and training, we can talk you through inputting all of the information so that you can begin using ClinicPro immediately.

To purchase Clinic Pro, follow this link:  Purchase






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